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Although probably the majority of Canadians wish to keep ties to the British Monarchy, I wish to revisit the idea of supporting such institutions. I personally believe it is no longer healthy for our society and as well not healthy for the monarchy to keep perpetuating the idea of birth right to rule. These ideas are archaic and I believe humans have progressed passed this.

I think our society should support the rise of humans who have the skill and capability to do the job. As well, the freedom to democratically choose those who we feel as the majority should represent and make decisions on behalf of our country.

The world is changing, supporting these institutions may have very little bearing or effect in our own country due to limitation of the monarchy's power, but the perceptual image has an effect globally. Other peoples, such as in counties of the middle east, are not so lucky with their monarchs.

Even though I no longer support our monarchy as I have in the past. My own idealism and thought process have deemed it no longer relevant and even dangerous to other counties of lesser fortunes.

I do wish the current monarch luck, and even feel a bit bad for writing this piece. But I feel is must be thought out for the benefit of Canadians and all humans if these institutions represent what is right and fair.

Canada should start negotiations in severing her ties with the British born, protestant monarchy.

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