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Tonight (24/05/2016) on channel Nine News Melbourne at 6pm there was a story about a "Man killed, several others hurt, as petrol tanker flips in nightmare crash on Calder Freeway".

During the news report the reporter and camera crossed to footage of a white squashed vehicle that contained a deceased person. The reporter claimed there could be more than one deceased person in the vehicle.

Unfortunately in the interest of public information the media believe it's fine to show these images, often even before family and friends are informed of the deceased passing.

From the images shown tonight it may have been possible for family members to identify the vehicle before they were formally informed, I'm calling on members of the public to sign this petition to request the Australian Media and Communication Authority tighten regulations around the display of graphic images involving deceased people within 24 hours of an accident.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Australian Media and Communication Authority to prohibit close up images of motor vehicle accidents involving fatalities and that may identify vehicle owners, from being broadcast within 24 hours of the incident in the name of family privacy.

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The Tighten fatality image distribution regulations petition to Victoria was written by Andrew McDougall and is in the category Media Issues at GoPetition.

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