Parliament of Zimbabwe

Before you just view.. stop and sign! Sign because we can no longer be afraid. Sign for the sake of the poor vendor, the pensioner whose funds are worthless. Sign to sure you care! Sign because your signature is confidential apart from your name and you can choose Anonymity. Sign because we need to join hands four our beloved nation Zimbabwe.

We the citizens of Zimbabwe, united in purpose, in our diversity as black, whites, indians, people of colour ! Ndebele, Tonga, Shona, Venda and all other ethnicities and races are calling upon the Government of Zimbabwe to hear the cries of its people and fight and uproot injustice, poverty and corruption by holding those responsible accountable. We want corruption to stop now and we are disgruntled about bond notes, we are tired of the current status quo! Our leaders, hear us! Take time to listen. We are tired of suffering in silence. Let us join hands dear citizens and speak to our leaders saying enough is enough!

We call upon all citizens within and across boarders to move with their flags and to desist from paying and accepting bribes. We call upon citizens to begin the discussion in their homes, at their schools, at work and at church about the country they envision. To speak against poverty and injustice and corruption and to hold government leaders accountable. To rise up and say enough is enough.

We the undersigned call upon the Government of Zimbabwe to stop over spending on luxury vehicles and unnecessary incentives and start prioritising, the economic, health, education and agricultural sectors.

We call upon them to stop effecting the system of bond notes immediately, and to remove the indigenisation laws which are stopping investments. We call them to account for the 15 billion that went missing and to start rebuilding the nation in the positive direction.

We call upon them to stop intimidating citizens and call them to listen. Let them cut parastatals that are bleeding the nation of money and to begin ensuring production in the different companies. We need them to account for the money being paid by the tax payers and to work for and listen to the citizens!

Hear us as our leaders. Enough is Enough #ThisFlag #Iflegileyi #murezauyu

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