#Animal Rights
U.S. Government
United States of America

Too long have fish been subjected to the dirty, cramped, oppressive and deadly conditions of a fish bowl. Most people don't even know that the average fish just can't survive in such quarters. In fact, purchasing a fishbowl is tantamount to signing the death warrant of an innocent aquatic animal.

Fishbowls provide inadequate space, oxygen and water conditions for our beloved underwater friends. But all of these true facts continue to go unrecognized in countries like the U.S., and fish are continually abused and killed.

Please, sign this petition and give your support against the maltreatment of fish through fishbowls.

We, the undersigned, call on the U.S. Government to eliminate the sale and use of Fishbowls or any artificial fish habitat unable to hold 5 or more gallons of water.

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