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U.N and the S.G.I-U.S.A

In the spirit of my mentor Daisaku Ikeda and his stance against Nuclear Arms I propose to disseminate far and wide via youth around the world a distinct call for COMPLETE NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT.

This is a method of action in order to reinforce the already extant awareness and opposition to Nuclear War and its effects. Also to expand the growing consciousness of society today by building global solidarity toward Nuclear Abolition. This is based on the Peace Proposal sent every year to the United Nations written by Daisaku Ikeda, and fully backed by more than 192 countries and over 12 million human beings.

"The five declared nuclear-weapon states to announce their commitment to a shared vision of a world without nuclear weapons at next year's NPT Review Conference and to promptly initiate concrete steps toward its achievement.

The United Nations to establish a panel of experts on nuclear abolition, strengthening collaborative relations with civil society regarding the disarmament process.

The states parties to the NPT to strengthen nonproliferation mechanisms and remove obstacles to the elimination of nuclear weapons by the year 2015.

All states to actively cooperate to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in national security and to advance on a global scale toward the establishment of security arrangements that are not dependent on nuclear weapons by the year 2015.

The world's people to clearly manifest their will for the outlawing of nuclear weapons and to establish, by the year 2015, the international norm that will serve as the foundation for a Nuclear Weapons Convention (NWC). "

-from Daisaku Ikeda's 5 point plan toward Nuclear Abolition

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