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The TV Series GRIMM has a huge worldwide fan base- a 1.15 rating in the 18-49 demographic with over 8 million total viewers, uncountable number of fans and growing.

In MY household, Friday Nights do not start until after Grimm, the show, has been watched by everybody.

It is the perfect mixture between fact and fiction, using old, dark Germanic Folklore, myths and legends, bringing it masterfully to life.

A masterpiece of entertainment- the cast is chosen brilliantly, the writing is fabulous, the locations chosen perfectly. Make-up , Special Effects are masterful, the storyline always full of suspense and surprise.

The viewers have elevated this series to a "cult show".

This is OUR show!

Please, seriously REconsider terminating it- with its huge, determined, faithful following, THIS is a show BEYOND WORTH OF KEEPING.

WE, the People, the undersigned, call on NBC to CONTINUE TVSeries "GRIMM" and NOT END it after this season- there are soap operas enduring generations, so will Grimm.

The dark, vast Legends and Lore of the old Germanic World and Brothers Grimm have plenty more gore in store, plenty more phantastic twists and turns that are in the DNA of our forefathers and were passed down from generation to generation as far as thousands of years- what a treasure trove for wondrous writers and awed viewers.

You never know what Wesen will venture your way -



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