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We've waited far too long for Facebook to realise that we ARE NOT LONDON!!!
John has started an online action group to appeal Facebook's decision, and 11,956 members have already joined.

Norwich was the eighth most prosperous shopping destination in the UK in 2006

In November 2006 the city was voted the greenest in the UK

129500 (2006 est) people live in the Norwich City Council area. Norwich is the fourth most densely populated Local Authority District within the East of England

Norwich is sometimes portrayed in the UK media as a place which is remote, unsophisticated, gauche, and out-of-step with national trends. This is perhaps primarily due to its geographical isolation, and an identification of Norwich as the epitome of Norfolk, a largely rural county. However, Norwich was the second city of England (after London) for several centuries before industrialisation, which came late to Norwich due to its isolation.

I, the undersigned, agree that 'Norwich' should have its own Network page on the social networking website Facebook.

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The The Unofficial NORWiCH Network petition to Facebook was written by John Lynch and is in the category Politics at GoPetition.

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