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As someone who is a survivor of child abuse and severe domestic violence (along with my three children), I know all too well how the TRUTH with regard to these terrifying issues is all too often distorted.

Perpetrators wear so many different masks, they ARE CUNNING, their ability to lie to any officials designated to take on their cases IS something that HAS to be witnessed.

They ARE MALIGNANT NARCISSISTS who ensure that the persona that they sow to the outside world is one of a loving, giving almost too good to be true humanbeing.

The TRUTH however IS a very different issue, behind closed doors perpetrators ARE Jekyll and Hyde characters, their prey are made to understand that they will NEVER be believed, that they are nothing, not worthy of being loved.

Those cases that do find their way to court are documented by so called court appointed officials ( i.e. CAFCASS) who ARE so badly trained, so appallingly misinformed that their reports are written as if from a text book. They have NO REAL knowledge of what it is like to be a victim, text books do NOT contain THE FACTS.

Unless officials themselves are ( have been ) victims of child abuse or ( and ) domestic violence then they have NO REAL KNOWLEDGE as to what they are dealing with.

The legal system in this country is so badly flawed, so terribly outdated that it is laughable,....however the victims are not laughing.

Give victims of child abuse and domestic violence a public voice.

I am calling upon the British Government to finally give all victims of child abuse and Domestic Violence a public voice.

As a survivor of child abuse and domestic violence (alongside my three children) I KNOW all too well that the voices of the REAL victims in still far too many cases are going unheard.

Allow your voice to FINALLY be heard, and let us all get the TRUTH out there.

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