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Angus Council and Tayside Police
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I have lived on the Roods in Kirriemuir since 1996 and in this time I have noticed cars speeding down this small straight road.

On this road near the town centre there is the Guide Hall which is very busy at times with youngsters crossing and getting picked up by parents and there is also a church which can be very busy.

Further up the road there is Northmuir Primary School so lots of children walk down this road everyday.

I admit that the reason I decided to do this it my cat Terry was killed by a speeding van on the 20th April 2008 and he is sadly missed, but I can't help thinking that he could have been a child from the guide hall or coming down from school.

My cat Felix has also been killed in first week of October
He was 9 year old , I am sure this road is getting worse !

I know of quite a few animals killed or injured including one of my other cats just after we moved here.

I would ask the people of Kirriemuir to sign this, we all know speeding goes on on this road.

you can download a printed one here
or a poster here
or flyers here

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I, the undersigned, am very concerned about the speed of vehicles on the Roods, Kirriemuir Angus.

I believe that appropriate action should be taken to assess the extent of the problem and to resource appropriate traffic calming measures to prevent injury and/or the loss of life these roads.

I would also request that the Police become more proactive in monitoring traffic to effect prosecution of speeding drivers, and that they liaise with the local authority to consider an appropriate response to this issue.

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