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Canada Bay Council and Mayor Angelo Tsirekas

Canada Bay Council has approval to construct a 2,700+ square meter, 4 building development, on the park which is located at 30 Shoreline Drive Rhodes. This is the park on the banks of Homebush Bay near the corner of Shoreline Drive and Gauthorpe St.

The development will include a Restaurant, Café, Takeaway, Function Hall, Offices and parking for Council staff (including parking rangers).

The Rhodes Peninsula when completed will accommodate a population of many thousands of residents and will be one of the most densely populated areas of Sydney outside of the CBD.

One item that all residents of the Rhodes Peninsula lack and need is a back yard. As council has continued to approve building of increasing density, it must also compensate the Community with open space. This park has already become the suburb's “back yard” and this is what the Community wants more than anything for this area.

The area is currently used on a daily basis for sports activities, ball games, children playing, personal training, dog walking, social group meeting areas, tai chi, flying kites, etc.

To use this wonderful waterfront location for the construction of Council buildings, further impacting on density levels, traffic and parking congestion, would result in a disservice to the Community and would be at odds with the purpose of the site, which should be, and currently is, for the benefit of the Community.

We do not believe that the greater Rhodes Community approves of the development plans for the site as they do not want any construction of buildings to interfere with this open area.

We ask that the Mayor, Angelo Tsirekas and Canada Bay Council work with the Community to develop the site for outdoor Community facilities, NOT buildings.

We call on the Mayor, Angelo Tsirekas and Canada Bay Council to stop any plans to construct buildings on this site.

We, the undersigned, call on Canada Bay Council and Mayor Angelo Tsirekas not to proceed with the construction of ANY buildings on the Community Precinct site.

The Rhodes Community wants this site for outdoor activities and NOT buildings.

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