U.S. Congress and Senate

The Employees Free Choice Act is anything but 'free', and offers no choice. It can be deemed unconstitutional inamsuch that it abolishes the secret ballot in regards to decisions for Unionization.

Unionization will be thrust upon Employees and forced upon Companies, with the Federal Government mandating how our businesses should be run and setting forth indisputable guidelines of compliancy.

This is the antithesis of 'free enterprise', and a bid for power by our Government to seize control over our very existence.

Whereas the Employees Free Choice Act (hereto referred to as the EFCA, aka H.R. 800/S. 1041) can be construed as unconstitutional, we vehemently oppose the passage of this Legislation for the following reasons:

(i) It abolishes "free choice' as it subjects Employees either at their homes or their workplace to questionable tactics used by Union Organizers to join a Union.

(ii) In the course of the aforementioned tactics, this process negates all Employee/Employer negotiations traditional to this decision making process.

(iii) As has been demonstrated clearly by recent events in our economy, Unions have been largely contributive to the inability of our Companies to compete in open markets and to remain financially solvent.

(iv) The solvency of our Companies is tantamount to continuing growth and recovery. Forced Unionization will not earn the goodwill of Companies, will not embrace cooperative Employee/Employer interactions, and thereby will not contribute to the team spirit that invigorates creativity, growth, and the psychological internal satisfactions derived by those that seek and obtain goals via the historical principles of responsibility. Our Society became great because it encouraged individual growth and maturation via the understanding that 'we reap what we sow'.

(v) We further oppose the EFCA because of the role the Federal Government plays in this process as overseer and Arbitrator. This can be construed as an unconstitutional intrusion into the affairs of private business, as the Government forms an alliance with private sector Unions for the purpose of control.

(vi) We will vote any candidate who sponsors this Bill out of office.

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