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HR 36 (The Pain-Capable Bill) has a SERIOUS FLAW!
As passed by the House, this bill purposefully excludes from the intended protection a whole group of children; those conceived in rape or incest who feel the same pain as their counterparts. These children are being abandoned to suffer a grisly and painful death and must receive the same protection as all other children of the same gestational age. The bill also allows for the abortionist to decide and report on method of conception when performing a 20-plus week abortion. This is a true case of the fox guarding the hen house if ever there was one. This must be corrected before this bill passes the Senate.

To the Members of the US Senate:
Because we believe that a) Science does not discriminate; A child conceived in rape or incest has no biological difference then any other conceived human life and b) the word of God does not lie - to save the one is as important as to save the 99, we, the undersigned, ask the Senate to amend the Pain-Capable Bill and remove the rape and incest exceptions. Children conceived in rape or incest feel the same pain as all children of a similar stage of in-utero development.
Until such time as these exceptions are removed we cannot support this bill.

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