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This is a petition to bring back Headbanger's Ball, a program which showcased heavy metal bands and aired weekly on MTV from 1987 to 1995. Since it's cancellation there has been an outcry from the metal subculture to bring it, or a similar program dedicated strictly to heavy metal, back to the airwaves.

The World Metal Alliance, founded in 1992 in order to promote and preserve heavy metal, has successfully led several conventional "hand-signed" petition drives in the past. This, our first online petition, is to let MTV know that the metal subculture is alive, growing, and hungrier than ever for a weekly TV program dedicated completely to heavy metal.

It is our hope that every metal fan on earth sign this petition and let MTV know we are here, we are many and we want metal back on TV.

We, the undersigned, urge MTV to return Headbanger's Ball or a similar weekly program which showcases strictly heavy metal, and is free of "nu-metal" which already receives an over abundance of airplay elsewhere.

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