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Ethan Van Sciver

The comics industry is plagued by artists who work well at their own craft, yet for whatever reason, attempt to write as well. Occasionally, the results are spectacular, too often the failures are also.

Then there are those like Ethan Van Sciver. Ethan Van Sciver, who has graced us with New X-Men, Wolverine, Impulse, and now Flash, has demonstrated on boards like Millarworld—one of the most singular wits in all the comic industry, by any creator artist or writer. Beyond this, he has demonstrated an insight into characters that is rare even for writers. Yet he continues to deny fandom his talents as a scribe. No one knows what combination of drugs and homoerotica has warped him into this decision by this point, we can only speculate.

And so, we—the bored and the unemployed—do hereby demand that Ethan Van Sciver begin persuing work as a writer as well as an artist.

By signing this petition, we the undersigned, assert that Ethan Van Sciver must no longer limit himself to drawing.

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