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Frenchelle Davis
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On February 12, 2003 Frenchie Davis was removed from American Idol after admitting to the producers that she posed nude for an online website, using the money so that she could re-enroll in Howard University. In a recent interview, when asked about the proudest moment of her life, Davis said, "Other than getting back in school after not having the money and not being there for a year," American Idol "has been the proudest moment 'cause I worked so hard." On the previouse American Idol last summer contestant Nikki admitted that she worked in strip clubs and was allowed to still be involved in the show, and went on to the top 3.

To the producers of American Idol, we, the undersigned, are petitioning to bring back Frenchelle Davis to the show. She is a star and made a mistake. We all should get a second chance. The show is called American Idol and the undersigned are America. This is what America wants.

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