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1. According to www.downsizinggovernment.org, the current military budget is 15% of federal spending and is far lower than entitlement spending.
2. The Department of Defense budget, which includes military spending, is $582.7 billion. Of that budget $138 billion is for personnel. (Department of Defense 2017 Fiscal Budget Proposal, 2017).
4. According to www.payscale.com, the median annual wage for active duty military service members' reaches $35,833. This price does not entail housing and/or health care benefits.
5. The annual income of a United States Senator is $174,000. Senate leaders earn $193,400 per year (www.senate.gov).
6. The United States has not had a balanced budget since the late 1990’s and has not passed a spending bill on time since 1997 (www.pewresearch.org).

The purpose of this petition is for military spouses, family members, and friends, of any loved one wearing a military uniform in service to our nation, to band together and advocate as one voice that servicemembers cannot have in terms of recent government activity. Daily, our service members don their uniforms and perform diligently the duties they are required to, regardless of the circumstances they face. In uniform, they are neither Republican nor Democrat. They cannot have an opinion, they do not get a voice. They serve concretely, as an American, and have promised to protect our country against all enemies.
We feel it is our time, to put our best foot forward in speaking the truth to our government about government shut downs and how it effects the core of those that defend our Nation’s freedom.
The time is NOW for servicemembers to no longer face fears of not being paid simply because legislatures are at odds with each other. It is sickening that government officials show time and time again that they are willing to look the other way and play “blame games” as enlisted personnel are left scrambling and worrying about paying basic bills.
We feel it is irresponsible of legislatures to bring in issues of high importance to be decided IN CONJUNCTION with spending bills. Particularly, when those issues have shown to be extremely controversial in matters that are near and dear to ALL American’s hearts. The end picture displays a government leadership that is willing to use their most valuable assets as pawns in a political battle against the wills. This must stop!
Military servicemembers care deeply about our country and the issues that must be decided upon. However, when military pay is used as a bargaining chip, on any issue, it is only the servicemember and their family that ends up hurting, not the policy makers, and rarely the people that the legislation regards. Many view that, when politicians act in such a manner, they are being selfish and push aside caring for those have been called to serve. This is the poorest example of leadership.
The undersigned are requesting an IMMEDIATE call to action. We want assurance that America’s uniformed service members, her sons and daughters willing to give of themselves for freedom’s sake, will not face another day where they risk not receiving their earnings.

This call to action is twofold. First, that legislators adhere to the Constitution of the United States Article 1 Section 8 Clause 12, and provide necessary appropriations to the Armed Services in a timely manner. Continuing resolutions, that prevent fully funding our government and providing agencies and departments fiscal predictability, are unacceptable. Secondly, we demand that policy makers work to put legislation into place that protects active duty military personnel wages during times of government shut down.

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