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This petition is to show support for a Massive Open-World game to Marvel Inc. and any license holders.

What is the Marvel Universe Online?

What is the Marvel Universe Online? In 1979 the movie Superman made the world believe a man could fly. It made the comic book character feel alive, real for the first time. In 1998, a video game called City of Heroes made the world believe they could all fly, leap tall buildings, or run faster than a speeding bullet. It's was a game that for the first time let us be the Paragons of justice that we only read about in comics. The Marvel Universe Online hopes to put that sense of wonder back in the hands on everyone who had a taste of the life of a superhero.

Why Marvel? Marvel was built on the idea of the everyday man or woman becoming greater than they ever thought possible. No perfect alien savior's, no Amazon goddesses, no billionaire vigilantes, just ordinary people becoming the extraordinary. Sure, Marvel has those things, but at its core, it's the common man's struggling to fight the good fight against the forces of evil. Whether bitten by a radioactive insect, exposed to cosmic rays, or just discover you were born different, it's still you. The Marvel Universe Online asks the question, "What do you do now?"

The Marvel Universe Online will be a game with an eye to the future, using the most advanced gaming engine and development technologies that builds a world that feels real and gameplay that feels natural. To call the Marvel Universe Online an MMO, is to only see a fraction of its potential.

What can it be? At its core, the Marvel Universe Online is a superhero or supervillain simulator. A persistent universe with NPCs that have independent routines that are altered by the existence and interactions of the players. Mugging, robberies, shootings, are all happening and the NPC heroes that we are all familiar with maintain a tenuous balance, but when the players tip the scales, everything changes and things begin to escalate. As your character builds a reputation in the world, you will have the option to create an actual Marvel comic based on your exploits. There will even be an online repository of all the greatest heroes and villains in the world to form an "Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Online" that is published every year. Features like custom action figures or wall art are just some of the ways to not only make the player feel like a part of the world, but are a good source of revenue.

The devil is in the details. Pie in the sky ideas don't make a game, knowing what it takes and making the right moves does. This is why it's important to get honest opinions, professional advice, even if that advice is to quit. The details will never really solidify into a solid pitch without input from as many sources as possible and even then there is no guarantee of success. There are no delusions about the odds of Marvel even talking notice, but something this great is worth the effort. So, what is the Marvel Universe Online? If you've even loved comic books, it will be the greatest experience you've ever played.

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