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First off this is in no way binding but is simply being used to show interest in a different gym than the ones in the area currently and secondly THANK YOU for taking the time to look into our petition. My wife and I have been a part of the fitness community for years. We've seen and visited gyms all over and for the most part found one very common flaw. Where as most gyms have decent or even nice equipment and training staff, almost all of them lacked in one very vital area...focus on members. It's a numbers game and all about that profit line at the end of the month. We want to do it different. Now don't get us wrong, we understand to be in business and be successful you have to make money but that doesn't have to be your biggest focus. We want to build a gym empire that will redefine the expectations of any level of fitness. From bodybuilders to people looking just to improve general health, we want to bring the fitness community back together and use this gym as a means to both strengthen our community and to drive some commerce into the area. We are going to partner with Total Nutrition and Butler Fit Foods to bring you everything you need to be successful at any level. We want to help people better themselves, sharpen their minds, and yes even increase their confidence level too!! We are pursuing a dream and passion and want to help others do the same! So, are you ready for a gym center that is actually focused on it's members and meeting the needs of them? We are!!!!!!

We, the undersigned, do support the efforts of The Iron Coliseum by signing this petition and showing our interest in this gym. This petition's sole purpose is to be a representation of the local support of the community by the signing of potential members, thus giving a provable estimate of initial sign ups that could be expected. This in turn will help solidify our request for a start up capital loan. Thank you all in advance for your time, efforts, and support!!

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