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Sarah Doucette, City of Toronto Councillor, Ward 13

In June 2010, it was announced that a condominium building would be constructed on Bloor Street (which is the northern edge of High Park), between Pacific Ave and Oakmount Road. We do not object to having a condo building on this site.

However, in the past 16 months, we have been trying to tell the developer and City Planning that the building which they propose is far too tall and, being constructed largely of glass, would have a negative environmental impact on the park.

The project architects have modified the design, but their modifications are just variations on the same theme: too tall, too much glass, and a wrong fit for this area.

If this building design is approved, it will set a precedent for more tall buildings along Bloor Street. We do not want to see a row of high-rise buildings crowding the park.

Intensification has come to High Park. The time to act is now. THIS building is the turning point. THIS building will set the standard for all the condo buildings which will follow it, along the edge of the park and further west along Bloor. Your signature has power. Please join us.

Question: How high is 25 meters?
Answer: 8 storeys.

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This Is My Park is a committee of the High Park
Residents' Association.

The building designs for a proposed condominium building at the site which encompasses 1844-1854 Bloor Street West, 6-14 Oakmount Road and 35 and 37 Pacific Avenue presented by Daniels Corporation are too tall and contain excessive amounts of glass.

High Park is one of Toronto's most treasured parks. We want a building which will enhance and complement the park and which will be a good fit for our neighborhood.

We do not want glass walls. We would like a building made of stone or brick, or other materials which give the effect of stone or brick. The building should contain some design elements from the century homes in this area. The height should not exceed 25 meters.

I, the undersigned, have read and agree with the above statements.

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