The Hive Nightclub
United Kingdom

The Hive is synonymous with more than fair rates on their drinks in general. Now, I'm just a day to day regular clubber at The Hive, but can't we go that one step further? The pound coin deserves a chance to shine. I would put it to The Hive that they should highly consider offering at lease, one drink, on weekend, throughout the week, that we can consistently rely on, to be a pound.

I don't care what drink it is, be it beer or mixer, good or bad (All the same to me). Even if this gift was only offered to Hive VIP's, that would go a long way in my book, I don't know about you, and WOULD be deserving of the title, Best Nightclub in Scotland.

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We the Clubbers below, would request from the fine establishment "The Hive", that a £1 drink on weekends is offered.

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The "The Hive" to give out £1 drinks on weekends petition to The Hive Nightclub was written by Sebastian Darroch and is in the category Youth at GoPetition.