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It is no secret that over the past few years/decades our planet is being destroyed, by us, the very people who inhabit it. In recent times industry leaders (eg Coca Cola and Nestle), celebrities (DiCaprio Foundation), media giants (Sky News), independent start ups (4Ocean), corporate leaders (Tesla) and even sports personalities are making a strategic move to play their part in saving our planet, finding alternative means of energy, recycling and reducing emissions.

The common denominator amongst the above list (to name just a few) is apart from running companies and campaigns that make our world a better place they all have “Blue ticks” a symbol associated on Twitter on Facebook with fame, following and status!!

The “Green Tick” campaign gives every person on OUR planet (on social media) the opportunity to be famous, and for what better cause than for fighting for the future of the planet

Join the “Green Tick Campaign” - Be the best kind of famous!! ✅

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