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Glasgow City Council / Glasgow Community Planning Partnership
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For generations of people, Shawlands has been a major shopping centre in the southside of Glasgow: we want it to stay that way.

Over the last 18 months, the G41 community newspaper has run lots of stories where people have expressed their fears about the future of Shawlands.

The same questions come up over and over again:
- What's going to happen to the Shawlands Arcade?
- What effect will the massive Silverburn shopping centre in Pollok have on the area?
- How can traders cope with increasing rents?
- Why are so many shops closing?
- What can be done to improve transport and parking?
- How can Shawlands be made more attractive?
- Should part of the area be pedestrianised?
- How can Shawlands be made safer at evenings and weekends?
- What can be done about the state of roads and pavements?

Shawlands & Strathbungo Community Council has been talking about these issues for a while and had plans to carry out a community survey to find out what local people and traders would like to see happen in the area.

The community council has to be applauded for raising the idea - but with the best will in the world, it's too big a job for a voluntary body to take on.

That's why G41 is now calling on the local Community Planning Partnership and Glasgow City Council to take up the issue.

We, the undersigned, call on Glasgow City Council and the Glasgow Community Planning Partnership to consult with local residents, traders and shoppers in order to create an action plan to safeguard Shawlands as a vibrant, thriving shopping area.

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