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As the National Debt continues to rise, we are concerned that intiatives to slow or prevent the continued growth of the debt are not being put into force. The National Debt will NEVER stop increasing until measures take place that bring in more federal dollars to offset the growing National Debt.

While increasing debt payment dollars is essentally putting a band aid on a more serious problem of over spending or operating above the Federal Budget, we feel that steps need to be taken to slow the steady increase of the debt, which increase the Federal Government operating income to a point that the debt clock slows, stops or even starts to decline. The Federal Deficit will NEVER-EVER be paid down until the amount of Federal Income dollars exceeds the amount of Federal Dollars being spent to operate our government.

This is a perplexing delemna because no one wants to have to spend more money to live at their present income levels. However, we are recommending to Congress an agenda that takes into consideration ALL consumption demands that United States citizens place on our environmental waste disposal to establish a fair, reasonable and continious growth increase to incoming Federal dollars to help offset the costs associated with running our government; Thus slowing the growth of the Federal Deficit and increasing our Federal Governments future revenue dollars. We are recommending to Congress the Recycleable Bottles and Cans Debt Reduction Act of 2013. This act asks for the addition of a FEDERAL $.10 non-refundable deposit on ALL aluminum cans and plastic bottles consumed in the United States of America. The plan includes a $.10 non-refundable increase to the following recycleable and non-recycleable items which is collected at customer checkout or ;point of sale locations and submitted on a monthly basis to the federal govenment. The containers that recieve the non-refundable Federal deposit include:

Aluminum Cans ($.10 Each Can All sizes)
Plastic Soda Bottles ($.10 Each Bottle All Sizes)
Plastic Water Bottles ($.10 Each Bottle All Sizes)

We know that this increase to peoples current cost of living will be somewhat uncomfortable, however, our country consumes a tremendous amount of soda, alcoholic beverages and bottled water containers that end up in land fills every single day! These waste facilities must handle our growing waste disposal needs on a daily basis. This federal Government income producing measure may also have positive effects that stimulate the reduction of over consumption of alcholic, sugered sodas and unnecessary bottled water. Lowered consumption of alcholic beverages and sugered sodas offer future health dollar savings potential over the long term for present undiagnosed diabetic patients, as well as, health concerns for people who over consume alcholic beverages and undiagnosed diseases effecting the liver and kindeys. The increase expenditure to bottled water may decrease the number of bottled water containers consumed in the United States. These non-recycleable bottled water containers presently show up in dumpsters, land fills, and garbage cans across America at an alarning rate. We feel that this measure may reduce the consumption of unnecessary bottled water and prompt citizens to use water in their homes for drinking and cooking purposes.

We hope the the present infrastructure of the United States Federal Governement will be able to handle the management of this increase to Federal revenues measure with as little leakage as possible.

We hope you will join us in supporting The Recycleable Bottles and Cans Debt Reduction Act of 2013 and recommending it to Congress to help us slow the growth of our National Debt so that our future youth of America do not face an overwheling, burden in the future. Please let your voice be heard by signing our petition.

Thank You!

We the undersigned request the United States Federal Government to collect a $.10 non-refundable deposit on ALL sizes of EVERY aluminum can, Plastic Single-Use Beverage Container and Water Bottle consumed in The United States of America to slow or perhaps reverse the steady increase to the National Debt to protect the future population of the United States of America from a Federal Deficit burden that is beyond what is controllable.

We believe in our governments ability to bring our Federal spending under control, however, until the needed measures are offered for consideratiuon and sociatal situations develop which bring about such National Debt growth intervention, we recommend this measure to help increase the total operating revenue dollars of the United States Federal Government to help off set the costs of a society that is ever-growing and increasingly costly to operate.

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