The England & Wales Cricket Board

As a collective, we Cricket Lovers put a lot back in to our game. Whether we are watching, playing, coaching, talking about it, buying equipment and so on, we put a lot of ourselves in to the pursuit. Cricket teaches you a lot about yourself, other people and about fair play.

Kevin Pietersen is massively reported on in either glowing or derogatory terms. This petition has got nothing to do with that. It is about allowing people to flourish and about setting the right example. I don’t believe that the ECB are setting a good example, by preventing him from playing. Nor do I think that we supporters of the game of cricket deserve to be denied the chance to watch one of the best cricketing entertainers in the world play at the highest level this summer. As the cricketing public they serve, I think that the ECB owe it to us to get over themselves and select Kevin for cricketing reasons.

If you agree with this, then please sign our online petition. We can have our voices united and make ECB listen.

Please share this and help it gain momentum.

Thank you in advance.

Another Cricket Lover.

We, the undersigned, call upon the England & Wales Cricket Board to reinstate Kevin Pietersen to the English Cricket Team forthwith.

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