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An ecumenical movement is taking place in churches today by Catholics and evangelical leaders. Islam has also persecuted Christians around the world, for the sake of creating a one world religion. Now, Catholicism wants to unite with all protestant denominations as an ecumenical movement. That is the same as Islam joining Christianity - known as Chrislam. The Reformation is being betrayed by evangelical leaders who aren't aware of the opposing standpoints of both religions.

Over five hundred years ago, Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the Wittenberg Castle door in Germany. Some Christian leaders have celebrated the anniversary of that year, especially in protestant denominations, which have stood for fundamentalism ever since the Reformation progressed. Many of those denominations, including Lutheran and Methodist churches, have the same beliefs as those of Baptist and Pentecostal but at least one denomination stands out against the rest of them.

The Roman Catholic Church is one of the biggest religions in the world; it has over 1.2 billion members who either attend or take part in their practices. They are not part of the evangelical Christian church, but many evangelical leaders are beginning to invite them into their churches. So there is an ecumenical movement that is rising between Catholicism and protestantism. To the Catholic Church, they believe that there should not have been any division between churches, as they were the first church to be established through apostolic succession. Those who stand for apostolic succession are betraying the Protestant Church and what the Reformation stands for — sola scriptura. Without people knowing what the Catholicism is all about, they will begin being taught the wrong concept of God, so there needs to be a movement to call people out of the bayblon mystery. Since many evangelicals are betraying the Protestant Church, it may be important to find the right sect that stands against the ecumenical movement, which is the 7th day Adventist movement. It is important to study what the 7th Day Adventists are as they put emphasis on bible prophecy, mainly on Revelation and the visions of Daniel. Read more about biblical prophecy and ecumenism that's taking place in America and around the world.

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