It is no new thing to the footballing world of fans, players, officials and even the leading organizations to see winners declared double-legged ties when the total number of goals scored by both sides are equal.

Of the very few unclear rationales behind this very unfair rule of football, the main rule stated historically for the supposed interesting rule is that "the away goals rule is intended to encourage the away team to be more aggressive." Some other arguments states that the rule "makes the second leg of ties more interesting."

While all these sound fairly harmless since it sounds good saying a rule makes the game more interesting, the fact and truth that football does not work by statements, being a largely unpredictable sport makes the rule one that as a matter of emergency needs to be scrapped.

As well known, since there is no mathematical proof that playing home or away guarantees a better performance from teams as obviously we have seen teams lose a double-legged tie at home and win in the away leg (the away-goal-rule-decision in PSG's elimination from the UEFA Champions League in the 2018/2019 season) or win the initial away leg and lose at home (the recent away-goal-rule-decision in Arsenal's elimination from the Europa League).

Having said all these that home or away are not some definite mathematically or logically proven bases to decide where or where not teams are expected to win or score goals (the posts are not larger or smaller in either venues anyway), the sternly most unfair away goal rule decisions occur when both legs are played out as draw and another team is deemed fit to progress (remember Chelsea's elimination to Barcelona (0-0 at Camp Nou, 1-1 at Stamford Bridge))?

How much more painful when several countries have been denied participation in very huge tournaments after being eliminated in the qualifiers through the away goal rule?

INDEED, IT IS INDEED A CALL TO ACTION TO FIFA AND UEFA TO SAVE THE FOOTBALLING WORLD FROM THIS UTTER INJUSTICE IN FOOTBALL. Fans pay a lot to watch these games, players put in so much efforts to play these games, if any will be eliminated, should it not be for a clearly defined cause and not some flimsy rule which has no proof of reason? Only fans and players who have been on the receiving end of this very rule can answer.

Join the movement to request the world footballing governing bodies (including FIFA and UEFA) to scrap this unfair rule. We believe if millions can sign this petition, it isn't impossible that unitedly, we can remove the away goal rule from football.

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