Chigwell, Chigwell Row, Grange Hill, Buckhurst Hill, Barkingside, Hainault, Limes Farm, Loughton, Ab
United Kingdom

Residents of Chigwell Row and surrounding areas have been disturbed by the strategic incompetence shown by Thames Water which is causing a major loss of our local water supply. Inevitable and frequent leaks are causing causes water interruptions, with huge discomfort, health concerns and in some cases anxiety to those in our community.

A brief look through our community whatsapp group which has over 300 members reveals this list of dates for water loss to our supply to residential homes. Tap drought occurred on these dates:
There was also extremely low pressure water (a dribble) on 14th Sept.

It should be noted that some of these dates are a start date for two days of no water.

Local residents find this extremely unacceptable and have been asking for a permanent solution to the problem. The main reason purported by Thames Water for these concerns has been problem with a boosters and extremely old piping, that has caused severe flooding and major repairs at Manford Way, Hainault Road Barkingside, High Road Chigwell, and Abridge Road.

Every time it floods on these roads local residents have to endure huge traffic delays, as all these roads are important thoroughfares. You can view images and watch videos of the problem:


Moreover, the outages cause problems with hygiene, dehydration, and sanitation. Thames Water may end up getting sued for this constant health concern.

We demand that Thames Water investigates the three areas of concern and let me know how you intend to remedy them. It is clear to me and other residents of Chigwell Row that a strategic overview is required of our existing water supply infrastructure.

We the undersigned call for an immediate strategic overview of the ongoing frequent flooding of areas in Chigwell and the surrounding areas, including:

- Hainault Road
- Manford Way
- Abridge Road
We call for remedial works to correct the issue regarding the purported booster failure at Manford Way and modernisation of faulty pipes to prevent further waste of a necessary natural resource and to end local frustration, health and hygiene concerns and traffic congestion associated with ridiculous temporary repairs.

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