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Tesla does not want earlier Model 3s in Europe to be retrofitted with a trailer hitch. We want to know WHY Tesla chooses not to allow this. The company claims that European legislation does not allow this, but this is NOT true. Existing type approvals can be amended to allow retrofitting. It is up to the manufacturer (Tesla in this case) to allow this. Therefore we want more clarity on the reasons why.

loyal Tesla customers, that were your early supporters and put our trust in the company.

new Model 3s can be delivered with a trailer hitch, while existing models cannot be retrofitted for some reason. Tesla claimed that the EU regulations does not allow this, but this is simply NOT true. More specifically, existing type approvals can be amended to allow retrofit installation of a fully functional trailer hook. TESLA chooses not to allow this.

Tesla to either:
1) allow retrofitting of trailer hooks, OR
2) explain why this is technically not possible, OR
3) admit that it's a strategy for profit, and don't care about existing customers.

*Note that any technical differences ought to be substantial, and not just software or chassis/drive-train which could easily be adjusted.

**Note that this is not a call for action against Tesla Motors, nor are we questioning the quality of its products or the sincerity of the company towards delivering quality cars. This is purely an after-market issue that we feel could be solved easily, and will make a lot of existing customers in Europe very happy.

Thank you for considering.

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