#Animal Welfare

As reported in various media outlets in the past few weeks, Terri Irwin of Australia Zoo, has had a ban placed on Ray and Murray Chambers of Sunshine Coast Koala Rescue, from setting foot on Australia Zoo property. The boys work tirelessly rescuing sick and injured koalas from almost anywhere in South East Queensland without pay.

Due to reasons that have been published in the press already and I do not want to go into here, they are no longer welcome at the wildlife hospital despite volunteering for many years there and providing labour and equipment to assist in building enclosures and of course their valuable time.

This ban is delaying koalas at the driveway to await someone else to deliver them the 500 metres to the hospital triage area. When a koala has been hit by a car the pain that animal is in should warrant putting aside all personal clashes and getting it in hospital straight away.

These boys have done nothing to warrant this treatment and are being made out to be criminals when there by being watched by security and treated like nothing. This should be about saving koalas and this ban is being detrimental to any conservation propaganda coming from the zoo.

Please sign and share for the sake of our koalas welfare.

We the undersigned, request that Terri Irwin and management of Australia Zoo and the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, remove the ban on Ray and Murray Chambers of Sunshine Coast Koala Rescue from delivering sick and injured koalas directly to hospital staff within the AZWH as soon as possible.

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