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The Associated Press is reporting that Nike has re-signed Michael Vick, after dumping him as a spokesperson in August of 2007 when he admitted his part in running a dogfighting ring.

Although many found it distasteful when The Humane Society of the US teamed up with Vick, HSUS at least had an argument that Vick could help them reach kids who might get involved with dog fighting. When the Eagles signed Vick, they had an argument that Vick was a good quarterback. And though I've argued that Vick should not be allowed to return to the NFL because professional athletes are viewed as heroes in our society, nobody in the Eagles organization was calling him a hero. They were just calling him a good football player.

But this is totally different. Nike is signing Vick not because he's a good quarterback, and not because he's talking to kids about dogfighting. They've signed him because they think he's a hero and they want him to represent their company. They're putting him on a pedestal, and Vick does not deserve that pedestal.

Again, this has nothing to do with continuing to punish Vick. He's done his time and earned his freedom. This is about who we choose as our great American heroes. As a New York Times editorial points out:

[A]gents of the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals also warn that, since Mr. Vick's notoriety, street dogfighting appears to be more popular among youngsters as "the thing to do."

You can also contact Nike to tell them how you feel about endorcing Vick at 1-800-806-6453 between the hours of 5am to 10 pm PST Mon-Fri.

To Whom it May Concern (Nike representative);

I disagree with your decision to endorse Michael Vick and urge you to drop him from the endorsement deal. He is not a good example to our youth who are a large consumer target for your product. He stands behind hurting and killing innocent animals and thus will influence society to do those things. Having him being portrayed as an American Hero endorsed by you is not a good look for your company or for America.

Nike is a prime American retailer with a global influence. How will it make you and all of us look to the rest of the world when you will have the name and face of a dog fighter on your product.

I also urge you to consider the fates of the innocent animals that are getting mistreated by people who look up to Vick because he's being portrayed as a hero think it's cool to fight dogs.

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