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Many of us use Facebook and Instagram as a journal, building years of memories in one place. Recently, mas accounts have been deleted arbitrarily due to copyright infringement.
We feel the illegality of playing music in the background to videos has gone too far! Allowing years of memories to be deleted in an instant only because some background music in a video was flagged by SOFTWARE!
What ever algorithm is used to determine music ownership is flagging videos without looking at the context in which the music is being posted.
We want to have the opportunity to dispute and reinstate our accounts that have LIFETIMES of memories.
Failure to act on this, will result in a loss of confidence in the system as a whole and will spiral into NEVER posting videos with sound for fear of retribution!

Create a better approach to copyright issues and take into consideration, the context in which media is used. Copyright media used as background versus copyright media being the focus of a video are two entirely different things and should be addressed as separate issues.

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