#Human Rights
Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg

This vile and profane photoshopped image:

and in the link below, is being used to promote this Facebook page. It is beyond insensitive. It serves no other purpose than to cause renewed pain and rage to those whose lives were affected by the wretched deeds visited upon the whole of Judaism during the Shoah.

I urge you to demand that this Facebook page be taken down. I implore you to bring this to the attention of others, family and friends, to all our organizations, our institutions and their Executive Directors and Board Members, educators, students, dignitaries and politicians, historians and authors of the Shoah, synagogues and religious leaders to join in raising our voices. That images like these cannot and will not be tolerated in public forums. That they will not blaspheme the memory of those who, alive or dead, suffered horribly at the hands of that murderous regime. Nothing good comes from such a distorted image. It is the mark of an intellectual pauper.

This is the Facebook page that posted the image:


Please raise your voice, make your mark, and sign this petition.

We, the sons and daughters, children and grandchildren of survivors of the Shoah, and all right-minded people are appalled by the use of archival images by groups like BDS, SJP, and others that grossly and maliciously distort, alter, or misrepresent events of the Shoah that attempt to support, affirm, or bolster their cause or agenda.

Furthermore, there is no evidence, whatsoever, that any reasonable person can infer or remotely suggest a link between events from the Shoah and the present ongoing Mideast conflict.

Defaced images like these are only meant to inflame passions, cause wounds to reopen, and painful anguished memories to be revisited. These photos may contain still living members of the survivor community, and one can only imagine the profound distress created by the gross alteration of photos like these.

We, the undersigned, demand that Facebook reconsider their policies allowing Shoah images altered or changed in any way, and that Facebook will protect the memory of all those who lived through or were murdered during this cataclysm from continued harm.

Mark Zuckerberg and staff, this image/Facebook page must be immediately removed.

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