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The Bulgarian President, the Prime minister, the Chairman of the National Assembly, the Eurogroup a

For decades all lost, abandoned and stray dogs and cats in Bulgaria have been subject to horrific abuse and mass extermination by the State and its institutions.

Barb wired death camps, called "isolators", especially designed for mass murder, have been operational all over the country, where millions of innocent, defenseless souls have perished in most despicable, cruel ways, tortured and killed by sadists and perverts, employed by the State. While the death machine pounding, the State propaganda has been engaged in "rationalization of murder" and disengagement of the moral standards of society by portraying such inhumane behavior toward sentient beings as socially acceptable and even desirable, by degrading and dehumanizing homeless animals, portraying them as vicious, dangerous beasts praying on humans. Moreover under such conditions of low moral standards and displaced responsibility, bloodthirsty morons, vigilantes and "concerned citizens", have been engaging systematically in animal "hunts" and various barbaric acts of animal torture and abuse, portrayed by the media as "solving the problem".

There was hope in 2007, when as a result of numerous petitions and complaints by Bulgarian citizens and NGOs regarding the serious welfare problems of stray animals, the European Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals wrote to the Bulgarian authorities, reminding them that Bulgaria has ratified the European Council's Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals which makes it a binding obligation to take measures in this field. The Intergroup expressed hopes that the Bulgarian institutions would engage in the legislative process by voting and enacting effective measures to solve the problems of stray animals without recurring to a simple "catch and kill policy", which has proven to be completely ineffective and which is moreover unacceptable on moral and ethical grounds. As a consequence in 2008 the Animal Welfare Act was passed in Parliament, according to which TNR /trap, neuter and return/ programs were to be carried out for the humane solution of the stray animal overpopulation problem.

Sadly, in a country eaten by corruption, populism and greed, hatred prevailed. The Government, accustomed to solving all political, economic and social problems by murder, not only failed to enforce the Act but actively sabotaged it. The killings continued while the State institutions did all they could to destroy whatever evidence and records existed as to the numbers they knew they had murdered.

And it got worse. Irritated by the fact that not only the morality but the legality of their actions was constantly challenged by various animal welfare and animal rights organizations, the State decided to fight back. On the 4th of April 2012, the Minister of Agriculture - Miroslav Naydenov officially announced that following orders by the Prime minister - Bojko Borisov, he would start a legislative initiative to change back the Animal Welfare Act and Ordinance 41, and thus legalize again the indiscriminate, mass slaughter of stray dogs and cats. Moreover he promised he would make all necessary legal changes as to completely cut out the NGOs and animal rights activists from the decision making process and curtail their rights to inspect, challenge and control State institutions and their activities.

This is truly disgusting, unlawful and unacceptable in the 21st century in a country member of the EU, pretending to be civilized. This truly is genocide and fascism in its purest form.

Dear Sir,

We, the undersigned are deeply disgusted and outraged by the severity of the animal abuse situation in Bulgaria and the atrocities committed by the Bulgarian State, its aliases and its institutions. We are disgusted and dismayed by the failure of the Bulgarian government to enforce humane solutions of the stray animal overpopulation problem and its latest attempts to "legalize" again the indiscriminate, mass slaughter of those animals.

Article 13 of the Treaty on the functioning of the EU clearly states that ”…. the Union and the Member States shall, since animals are sentient beings, pay full regard to the welfare requirements of animals…”

Doing terrible things to innocent, defenseless animals in an organized and systematic fashion is not acceptable in the civilized world. It is obscene that ugly, degrading, murderous, and unspeakable acts of animal abuse, promoted and executed by the Bulgarian State have become “routine” and are widely accepted as "the way things are done”. This reminds us of the "Final solution" of the Jewish question by the third Reich and the T-4 Nazi euthanasia program, where the concept of "life unworthy of life" led to the systematic State sponsored persecution and extermination of millions deemed "unwanted" and "undesirable".

We therefore call on the Bulgarian Parliament to enforce an immediate stop on all legislative initiatives to change back the Animal Welfare Act and Ordinance 41.

In addition we demand the immediate dismissal of the Minister of Agriculture - Miroslav Naydenov.

In addition we demand the immediate dismissal of the Mayoress of Sofia - Jordanka Fandukova.

In addition we demand that new administration should take over the running of the municipal enterprise "Ekoravnovesie" in Sofia.

In addition we demand prompt investigation of all animal cruelty reports and complaints.

Furthermore we demand that the European Commission, the European Parliament and the rest of the EU institutions, should exercise all the powers they have to enforce the animal protection laws in Bulgaria by carefully investigating the animal abuse situation and possibly taking legal actions against the Bulgarian State.

We shall not travel to Bulgaria, buy Bulgarian goods and services, fly with Bulgarian airlines, invest in Bulgaria or buy Bulgarian properties until this pitiful country recognizes the basic right of animals to life without torture, pain and abuse.  

Sincerely yours,

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