#Human Rights
Commissioners of Pro-Sports Leagues world wide

In the wake of several high profile sexual assault cases that highlight how school officials, coaches and community members are willing to turn a blind eye when crimes are committed by those involved in their local sports team, we ask that the Commissioners of Pro-Sports leagues take on a Zero Tolerance policy towards players and teams that are involved in such crimes. Any player involved in any such crime is banned from pro-leagues for life.

We the undersigned call on the Commissioners of the NFL, NBA, MBL, NHL, PGA and other professional sports leagues in the United States & around the world, to adopt a Zero Tolerance policy towards sexual assault crimes committed by, assisted by and/or covered up by team players, coaches, assistants, school administrators of all levels of sports.

We propose a policy would ban a player from playing in professional leagues for life should they commit, assist, cover up or ignore a sex crime. By creating a policy that comes from the top down, players of all levels are made aware of the serious nature of the crime, coaches, schools, parents and communities can put in place policies that deter and prevent sex crimes and better enforce punishments.

Inherent to sports franchises of all levels is an attitude of being invincible on the part of the players, and hero-worship on the part of the fans. These attitudes, along with the monetary incentives that come with being a winning team, create a culture where successful sports teams are considered above reproach and above the law. That attitude leads people involved in those franchises to behave in ways that are social reprehensible, yet they are seldom held seriously responsible for their actions.

If professional sports leagues adopt a policy where in players in pre-collegiate and collegiate franchises are banned for life for sex crimes, and their franchises face significant fines for any compliances in the players' actions, this would create an effective deterrent and get the message out that these behaviors are not acceptable.

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