All Community Schools in Perth & Kinross

From what i have seen Gaelic is a dying language, less than 1% of Scotland according to a census done a few years ago can speak it. This is an outrage and its sickening if I'm to be honest.

Men and woman fought for this country, gave everything including there lives to protect and to preserve what we are and stand for as a country. We as a people have made no effort to preserve one of the most, if not the most important aspects of our culture! Our language. For some schools in the north it is taught as a subject, but come only slightly further south and its like it never existed.

Also the history of Scotland is not taught as it should be, yes you get late 1800's going into WW1, through WW2 but nothing at all is taught on our heritage. It is in Our Rights to know where we come from and who we are as people and i wish to first put this towards the schools of Perth & kinross ( Central Scotland ) and its council then hopefully further afield and presenting it towards Hollyrood.

I am asking you all as fellow countrymen that you will help me reintroduce Gaelic into our schools along with history lessons on Scottish Heritage.

Gaelic is a dying language and we all need to rise up as one to save it, don't think just of yourselves in this matter think of the generations to come. Its highly possible in the next 30 to 40 years Gaelic might sees to exist. So I'm asking you all as my brothers and sisters please help me make Scotland great again, We can rise again!

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