All Canadians are being Gouged Daily, a Penny each Time.

Since the elimination of the Penny in 2013, Canadians think the Mint was doing them a favour. Well like all MYTH"s
let's just see what Canadians should be asking/demanding from our Federal Government. Or are we just happy living from paycheck to paycheck while they continue to find ways to ferret out every piece of change in our purses/wallets?

It's clear to Me;
*Canadians believe that they need and want to pay more taxes, bank fees, and support businesses /corporations by paying more pennies to help them fill their bottom line.
* The Canadian Penny is another example how the Government is helping directly fund, small businesses, to large corporations, by penny-pinching every cent out of our wallet's. Its clear to me Canadians don't give a dam. It's just a penny or two or three, but times millions/billions equal a lot of money missing from YOUR wallet/purses.
Well not everyone in this great land believes this Government Myth, I hope people see this as a cash grab for what it is! Or do they.
ie: The Star, Dec. 17, 2017. Penny rounding adds $3 million a year to grocery stores’ bottom line, this study says,
Billions of transactions from small to large Corporations like Wallmart & Loblaws (Don't mention bread prices) are being supplemented by YOU and me.

Each time they say it will even out, it reminds me of other lies and deceptions from our three levels of Government.
Similar myths about the GST, Carbon Tax, Ontario's HST & Hydro, and refusal to be fiscally responsible for taxes, alarming increased fees for everything, but they say its just a PENNY here and there; times (X) billions. We can fix this rounding UP or DOWN easily but you won't hear Government/Businesses/Corporations say a word, about taking more from your wallet since it thickens their bottom line. There are many more questions, but one that gets me if this is such a great idea, then why is the United States has not following our Trend? The purpose of this Petition is to make Canadians think about and question our Government(s) or they could simply end this rounding practice, let's continue to dream, shall we. So what to do? Canadians must use their only weapon "the vote" to get them out of office every chance we are given. Below the waterline, they don't care anyways it's all about political power or retaining power at all costs. Sa·cré bleu "This does not sound like or happens here in Canada! " Maybe YES, Maybe NO!
[As a side note: willing consumers, are being charged 5 cents a bag (real cost?) when shopping, for environmental deterrence, every penny is helping the poor businesses/corporations make it, our rounding Up & Down only helps them even more.] Thank You Canadian Mint it's been a slippery slope for all of Us. Or, was this part of the plan to relieve Canadians of few hundred dollars a year without using the dreaded words "Not another TAX". Maybe.

Lastly, a quote from John Paul Getty " If you look after the pennies, the $Dollars$ will look after themselves "

This Petition is simply about eliminating the practice of rounding up or down the penny so Canadians know and pay exactly the price on the receipt and nothing more. Bring back common sense and not another slight of hand.

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