TASA - local hockey association in Nova Scotia

Every year TASA makes it mandatory for all players to participate in a 50/50 draw where each play must sell a specific number of tickets per draw at a minimum.

50% of the money goes to the 50/50 winner
30% goes to TASA for admin and player development
20% goes back to a returning player for their registration fee (non-returning players get nothing)

Failure to participate, means the organization will penalize the player 100% of any tickets not sold.

This punishment is a money grab for the following reasons: 1) the winner of draw doesn't get their 50%, 2) the player doesn't get their 20%, and 3) TASA gets the full 100% for any tickets not sold (up to $40).

The purpose of the draw is to get funds for admin and player development (minimum of $12 per player for 2010/2011)

The majority of ticket buyers are the player's parents.

The people who pay for the players to play are the parents.

For 2010/2011 season, each child is required to sell 20 tickets each for two separate draws. Thus most parents will spend $40 this year on tickets they may not want to purchase. Of the $40, the player gets $8 on next years registration. TASA gets $12. And if a player doesn't sell any tickets, the player will owe TASA the full $40.

Thus parents should have the option to either directly give TASA $12 or pay $40 for tickets, and indirectly give TASA their $12.

Many parents would prefer the hassle free option of just giving TASA $12 --- and then TASA saves resources by not having to administer a 50/50 mandatory program which requires a lot of "policing".

My petition is as follows....

Include the $12 admin and play development cost in the registration fee

We the undersigned, call on TASA to eliminate the mandatory 50/50 ticket sales immediately along with the 100% penalty for failure to sell the required amount of tickets per draw.

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