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Takeshi's Castle first began airing in the UK in November 2002. Ever since then fans have been asking for a DVD release. Over a decade later it still hasn't happened. We want to fix that!

We have planned out a three disc DVD set to show just what would, hopefully, be possible to produce. This includes three brand new episodes produced exclusively for the DVD. We didn't get all the unseen episodes on Challenge TV, but here's our chance to finally get them made. And even better, done properly (unlike Challenge TV and Rebooted), with Craig Charles providing the voice-over!

If you're a fan of Takeshi's Castle and would like to see a UK DVD release, please take a minute to sign the petition. With enough support behind it we can show that there's more than enough interest to warrant a release.

For more information on our suggested DVD content please visit this page: http://keshiheads.co.uk/dvdcampaign.html

We, the undersigned, would like Takeshi's Castle, with Craig Charles, to be released on DVD in the UK.

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