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Takeshi's Castle is one of the most sussesful series' ever to be broadcast on Challenge TV in the UK. Now a brand new version is being produced - in Thailand - and we at KeshiHeads.co.uk want to see it brought UK TV screens (whether that be on Challenge, or another channel).

This new series should be reversioned in the same way as the classic Takeshi's Castle episodes were for broadcast in the UK. This means the same editing style and, most importantly, with Craig Charles providing a voice-over. Craig is synonymous with Takeshi's Castle in the UK, and was a big part of the original version's popularity, so is an important part of producing a new series.

The last campaign that Keshi Heads ran with the aim of getting new UK episodes produced was a success. A new series was produced thanks to everyone who signed the petition! Now we hope to replicate that with this new campaign.
So if you want to see brand new episodes of Takeshi's Castle on UK TV - narrated by Craig Charles - please sign this petition and show that there's a audience ready and waiting to watch!

We, the undersigned, want to see Takeshi's Castle Thailand on UK TV - with Craig Charles providing the voice-over.

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