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The short snippet of this Netflix original show called the WWE The Big Show, represents Micronesia as a “Terrible country”. Those were the exact words used in this episode. A T.V show rated T.V-G but uses comments like that should not be used in a show meant for younger children . Most importantly it shouldn’t have happened at all. The amount of inconsideration in the script, actors, and creators goes to show the amount of racism we still need to clean up in this country. Sign this petition to take down this episode.

Take down The Big Show episode that calls Micronesia a “terrible country”. The creators of the show made shirts that had Micronesia written across and the flag as a visual representation of our country and how useless and weak were are compared to the US in this episode. We the undersigned, ask the Creators of this episode from The Big show to take down this episode as it was disrespectful towards the Micronesian community and many others.

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