#Social integrity and "moral fibre ".

Hello people! A lot of you know what NOW is all about.

For those who don’t, I won’t even try to stuff you with my interpretations. Check it out for yourselves.

Don’t cut corners or take a quick look though. Think of the big picture while researching and don’t be too quick in giving your opinion, or you might miss out on greater, more insightful realizations.

I would like to initiate this “petition” to see how many different intelligent observations and thoughts people are willing to voice about the seriousness of the efforts that are being expressed in and around this (NOW) organization and the feminist movement.

Words on some examples of their influence, and maybe even some concrete repercussions would be extremely helpful. “If” this thing is a dormant cancer (in the spine of society) that is slowly waking up and spreading; it is time to start the treatments.

Fact: no socially correct person wants to be faced with hoards of influential groups intent on dismantling structured values that were created to sustain the integrity of both ourselves and our relations. When we let this go on uninterrupted for too long, chaos and war ensue... Please sign.

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