#Animal Welfare
Taiwan government

Are you interested in animal welfare issues? Do you know that there’s literally no stray dog in Switzerland while there are approximately 150,000 in Taiwan?

Many owners do not prepare enough before keeping a pet. And they abandon their pets just because they don’t want to take the responsibility, which causes animals' physical and mental discomfort.

It’s high time that we established a well-designed owner’s license system. In order to get a license, owners have to take both writing and skill tests. The purpose of the writing test is to ensure that pet owners possess sufficient knowledge about the communication, health and fertility of animals.The skill test is mainly about owners’ emergency measures when emergencies happen suddenly and judges will evaluate owners based on how they act
.After both writing and skill tests, owners are allowed to get the license.

If you want to support us, please join the petition. Let’s help the Taiwanese government establish a well-designed owner’s license system together! Provide a friendly and comfortable environment for our beloved dogs.

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