#Human Rights
Foreign Ministries/State Depts of governments worldwide

The inhumanity of dictator Bashar al Assad is appalling and apocalyptic. People in Syria have been under a prolonged and bloody assault by Assad’s forces, the violent repression is increasing on a daily basis, while governments that have a responsibility in the face of crimes against humanity under the Geneva Convention remain criminally silent.

[full background statement here: http://missionfreeiran.org/2011/09/22/we-demand-an-end-to-assad-regime/]

We, concerned people around the world, make the following urgent, immediate demands of governments worldwide:

1- Close Syrian embassies. Our demand that Assad must go now is not negotiable. This is not a matter of diplomatic nature.

2- Block all the financial resources of Assad’s regime immediately.

3- Implement a UN resolution acknowledging that the Syrian people’s future government has no obligation to pay for debts incurred by Assad’s regime for purchase of armament, military technology, military equipment, etc. All existing contracts may be terminated unilaterally by the future government with no penalty to be paid by the future democratic Syrian government.

4- Immediately issue an arrest order for Assad and all of those responsible for making this genocide possible.

5- Forbid all direct and indirect flights by the Islamic Republic of Iran’s aviation to Syria. The Islamic regime is supporting the Syrian genocide through infusions of cash as well as technology. There are reports of direct involvement by the Islamic Republic Guard Corps in the ongoing genocide of the Syrian people.

6- Governments with seats in the UN Security Council have had a mandate to act on behalf of humanity and stop the genocide in Syria – both in the 1980s and now. In violation of their mandate, they chose not to act then, as they are choosing not to act now. Responsible governments should therefore be held responsible for for their inaction then and now. Our first demand in this regard is compensation for all losses of human life, from the time of the 1982 massacre to the ongoing massacre, and all intervening years.

No one can claim that there is legitimacy for a government that has killed as Assad’s has. As it is not possible to defend the legitimacy of such a regime, all demands, from the closure of embassies to the arrest of Assad and his facilitators, become not only possible but imperative.

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