#Law & Order
People Who Live In NYC
United States of America

The world appears to be up-side down do you agree?

Consider this:

• Those elected to promote and advance social order are often seen promoting the opposite

• The "Thin blue line", which keeps civilized society safe is being portrayed as lawless

• The undermining of the criminal justice system that has worked for 800 years is best exemplified by politicians who are working to disrupt our system of protection for all of us

• Politicians and provocateurs are dividing us; the mob has replaced the justice system

• Political correctness is forcing reasonable people to remain silent

• Some in the media have lost their common sense and journalist mission

• The criminal justice system protects us from an over reaching government and criminal elements

• The grand jury system is there for the protection of the public from government over reach.

• Is a civilized society still a viable way to proceed?

• Every day our police officers and other law enforcement professionals risk their lives to bring peace and order to our society.

• Will you join us???

We the undersigned:

Support, thank and trust our local police for serving and protecting every single New Yorker.

We will on May 13th, 2015 between hours 8-9PM, take time out for a moment of silence in recognition of police officers fallen in the line of duty.

Call upon the ELECTED OFFICIALS to not only recognize the difficult job police officers do, but to actively work with law enforcement and allow them to do their work.

We want an end to division and disruption in our city. We are one city united.

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