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Hello all,

My name is Natashia,

It has come to my realization that these majestic creatures have been under attack for century's. I have spoken to and have had a lot of debates with others on this topic, and to be fairly quoted "more people need to care". I can't imagine a world without the presence of these highly exquisite additions to the sea. It is my hope and my goal that the whales will be here for many more century's to come, with the support and love of all of us, I would love to be able for my children and my children's children, to have the pleasure of seeing them in the ocean one day.

For years there have been many whales killed and then meat traded under objection, in 1986 200 sperm whales, 2 brydes, 311 minke whales were killed in Japan totalling 513 whales. In Norway same year, 379 minke whales were also killed. USSR 3,028 minke whales were killed.

That brings us to today, and we ask the question will it ever stop?

From 2000 to 2008 over 5, 727 whales have been killed in Norway alone, this keep in mind is not including 2009 and 2010.

To give a general idea of how many were talking about here lets say in Norway Japan and Iceland were looking at 20, 248.

Come one people is this really necessary? The sad part is, is Japan says half of the whales they are catching are going towards whale research that must be successful being as that they are ending up on their plates!, and the government doesn't seem to mind a taste either.

In 1986, the IWC instituted an indefinite ban on commercial whaling. This ban is still in effect, with certain exceptions, countries such as Japan and Norway have not honored the ban.

Unfortunately I know it all comes down to money and economic pressures. However us a people can make a difference, there are other ways of profiting aka making money, but it doesn't mean we have to kill our neighbors. Whale watching has become very popular and it's still safe for the whales.

I certainly don't want to be showing my children a whale at the bone museum, they should be apart of our future, not our past.

So what am I asking? For so long I have been trying to come up with ways to help the whales, I have donated money cut down on my own pollution by not littering, but really what can we do other then speak out about this unnecessary action of depletion.

I truly we can make a difference with this petition and want more people to recognize the importance and quality of life these whales deserve just as us.

So please take a minute and sign the whales plea for help!!

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