Civicorps Board of Directors
United States of America

In early June, Civicorps staff across all departments decided to create a union, Civicorps United/CTA/NEA, in order gain a respected voice and representation in all decisions impacting teaching, learning, and youth development as well as a sustainable job that includes opportunities for upward mobility as well as competitive salaries and benefits.

Unfortunately, Civicorps has used legal tactics to delay recognizing Civicorps United. It is a contradiction for Civicorps leadership to say they are proud of the union jobs that Corpsmembers are able to attain after graduation, while at the same time denying their employees the right to a union.

A social-justice oriented, nonprofit public charter school should live its values and immediately recognize Civicorps United and begin negotiations.

As a member of a union, I support the rights of educators to unionize and advocate for their students, I urge the Civicorps Board of Directors to immediately recognize Civicorps United and begin negotiations.

Civicorps is rightly proud of the good, family-sustaining, union jobs that its corpsmembers are able to attain after graduation. It would therefore be contradictory for Civicorps to continue to delay the unionization process for its own employees.

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