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The United Nations Convention Against Corruption was adopted by the UN General Assembly and entered into force in December 2006. It is a comprehensive anti corruption treaty covering preventive, criminalization, international cooperation and asset recovery measures.

Currently there are 140 signatories and 128 parties to the Convention. UNCAC is key for global anti corruption efforts and an effective monitoring mechanism is so vital to UNCAC because it:
- helps build political will to implement
- permits early identification of implementtion problems
- promotes exchange of best practices and other forms of cooperation thus supporting global approach to global problem
- provide public recognition of progress made
- facilitates provision fo technical assistance and coordination among donor
- Establish comprehensive international

We, the undersigned, call on the UN Conference of the State Parties to support the following proposals on review mechanism organization, process and work program:


- The CoSP should be responsible for policy making oversight
- The Secretariat should be responsible for the deay-to-day management of the review process
- Board of Experts to advise and assist the CoSP & the Secretariate on the organization& operation of the review process with 10-15 independent experts


-Peer review: of individual countries should be conducted by two countries, one from the same region with similar systems and institution, and one from a different regime with different institutions
- On site country visits: necessary when going beyond legal framework to review actual practice
- Multiply sources of information, including civil society and trade unions
- Reports and other documents published, with recommendations


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