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This is unfair my account thomasmac4 was frozen 2 years ago.:(And its annoying it was my main name and had 800,000np on it.Neopets keeps telling me that I was frozen because of cheating but i didn't.My friend jeff was using progs. to cheat on neopets on my computer when he had the progs. on a disc.And he froze my 2 accounts my bros 3,my sis,cousins,and nextdoorneighbors usernames.If u can sign this petiton we can prove neopets wrong and maybe they'll get a better protection that only freezes the cheater account and not anyone elses ever on the comp. If u sign this and have a petition send me the url for it at thomasmac3490@yahoo.com I'll sign yours but olny if u sign mine.

Please sign or read my petition because this just isn't fair. I've been frozen because my friend cheated on his name on my cpu. Sign to support me.

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