Town of Ingersoll and Township of Zorra

The Town of Ingersoll, located in Oxford County, has an option to purchase a 56 acre parcel of land located at 99 North Town Line East in Zorra Township. Their current arena is at the end of its useful lifespan and a multi-use recreation centre was identified as a high priority. This opportunity would consolidate other playing fields, offer new attractions, and improve the quality of life of Ingersoll and Zorra residents. Following a needs assessment survey, early plans for the property include a twin-pad arena, indoor walking track, a gymnasium which could double as a meeting hall with a fully equipped kitchen, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, and an outdoor running track.
Before this can proceed, the land needs to be rezoned recreational. This petition encourages the Town of Ingersoll and the Township of Zorra to continue their discussions and move forward with this project.

We, the undersigned, support the development of 99 North Town Line East in Zorra Township as the future home of Ingersoll's Multi-use recreation facility, as its development will bring added benefit to the entire area. We understand that it will no longer be used as farmland, and feel that recreational use is a better long term use of the lands, servicing a need in the community.

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