#Civil Rights
Weymouth & Portland Borough Council
United Kingdom

Weymouth & Portland Borough Council have proposed four Dog Control Orders. The rights of responsible dog owners to freely walk their dogs in the borough will be seriously curtailed by two of these orders.

One order will compel dog owners to have their dog on a lead at all times in Lodmoor Country Park, the Rodwell Trail, Portland Bill and a number of other public green spaces in the Borough.

The other order will ban dogs from the Town Beach for the whole of the year not just the summer months as at present.

We the undersigned wish to indicate our opposition to the following Dog Control Orders proposed by Weymouth and Portland Borough Council:

1. The Dogs on Leads (Weymouth & Portland) Order 2009

2. The Dogs Exclusion (Weymouth & Portland) Order 2009

In addition we consider that the aims of the Council could be achieved in a more cost effective manner if it were to work in partnership with the community it serves and invest in and promote measures such as the Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Award scheme which are designed to promote the responsible ownership of all animals.

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